Our Business

    Integrated solutions provides to our customer from design to manufacturing of bus bodies to bus assembly.
    Versatile Design Team
    Local Bus Operators
    Trusted Partner of
    Buses Chassis Principals

    Broad Spectrum of Product Offering Cater for Customers' Needs Globally


    Conceptualisation & Design

    Our conceptualisation and design capabilities, including prototyping, have allowed us to design the interior and exterior of the entire bus as well as to undertake modification on the layout and dimensions in fulfilling the specific demands and requirements of our customers.
      Strategic Partnership with Constellium and EcoRange System  
    • Constellium is one of the largest aluminium supplier and prominent vehicle crash management systems provider in the world.
    • Being the Constellium's license holder for the EcoRange System for Far East Asia.
      Strong In-House Development Capabilities  
    • Meet international technical and safety requirements.
    • Achieve aesthetics requirements from our customers and bus operators.
      Co-operating with Local Bus Operators and Chassis Principals  
    • Establish long term strategic partnerships in respect of developing new bus.

    Quality & Safety Test

      To assure our products are satisfied with the safety regulations, we developed a set of in-house testing facilities include tilt test platform to assess the stability of the vehicle, and rollover test platform to ensure the bus’s safety in the event of a rollover accident. Moreover, we also perform various quality and compliance control measures as part of our quality assurance process. All our products are subject to pre-delivery inspection by both our in-house team and, in certain cases, our customers.


      We have the capability to manufacture bus bodies and assemble a wide range of buses including single deck, double deck and articulated city buses, single deck, double deck and high deck coaches, with bus bodies ranging from 9 to 18 metres in length. Besides Complete Build Up Buses, according to the specific requirements of our customers, we have developed the expertise and know-how in assembling aluminium buses and manufacturing aluminium bus bodies, by applying the EcoRange System on a wide range of chassis and this allows us to bid for different projects in different markets.

    Our bus bodies have been designed, manufactured and assembled in accordance to various international standards and regulations

    We are one of the few manufacturers outside Australia that were on the panel list of manufacturers who were able to produce and deliver buses in accordance with the ADRs and Australian Motor Vehicle Standard Act 1989. This qualifies us to sell our products in Australia. Our compliance with various standards and regulations and our accreditations by the respective regulatory bodies have provided us with a competitive advantage to secure business opportunities in local and overseas markets.
    • Road Traffic Act
    • ADRs:
      Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989
    • Motor Vehicle (Construction and Use) Rules 1959
    • Vehicle Regulations / ECE Regulations
    Hong Kong
    • Vehicle Safety Standard Under Road Traffic Ordinance (Act 374)
    • Road Traffic (Construction & Maintenance of Vehicle) Regulations