Busworld 2017

    Gemilang Coachwork is pleased to announce that we had won the MAN innovation award during bus world 2017, with a new concept of a low-floor double-deck bus for Singapore with optimized passenger flow. The category, “Innovation”, singled out the body builder that had developed the most innovative and successful body idea. The nominees were Gemilang City DD L, Castrosua City CNG, Marcopolo MP 180 MX and UNVI SIL Intercity.
      Photo credit: MAN intranet News, from the left Mr Andreas Hellinger (MAN), Mr Phang Sun Wah (GML), Mr Jan Aichinger (MAN), Mr Rudi Kuchta (MAN)   This year, around 25 body builders and importers from over 15 countries met in bus world, taking the opportunity to explore new products and ideas, and Gemilang is honoured to be invited and be part of the event.