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    Gemilang International Limited (stock code: 6163.HK) designs and manufactures bus bodies and assembles buses. With over 25 years of experience, the Group is one of the leading bus body manufacturers and bus assemblers in Malaysia and Singapore. The Group designs and manufactures a range of aluminium and steel bus bodies (SKDs and CKDs) and assembles buses (CBUs). The Group’s products have been sold to over 10 markets. Meeting the technical and safety specifications in accordance to various local and international standards and regulations, the products are generally well-accepted by the customers. The Group’s buses serve public and private bus transportation operators mainly in markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, China and India. The Group is dedicated to becoming one of the leading bus and bus body suppliers in Asia.
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    I'm an Investor
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    巴士車身製造商及裝配商 彭順
    彭順國際(06163) 明日至11月3
    日(本周四) 公開招股,招股價
    MAN-Gemilang A95. Double-
    deckers seem to be on the rise
    in some parts of Australia,
    hence this interesting

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    05 Feb 2018
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    05 Feb 2018
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    05 Feb 2018
    Announcements and Notices - [Notice of AGM]
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    05 Feb 2018
    Monthly Return – January 2018
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    25 Jan 2018
    Annual Result Announcement for the year ended 31 October 2017
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    09 Jan 2018
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    Monthly Return – December 2017
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    5 Dec 2017
    Monthly Return – November 2017
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    Type of Buses

    Steel Coach

    Steel Coach
    Coaches are designed for comfortable and long distance travel, as well as for special purposes such as private hire and packaged tours.
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    Aluminium City Bus

    Aluminium City Bus
    City buses are commonly used for relatively short distances with multiple stops, usually within defined suburban and urban areas.
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